The Turkish authorities has numerous tour regulations that it makes use of to manipulate its borders. This consists of unique measures to shield safety and fitness with inside the country.

Due to COVID-19, Turkey added tour regulations on overseas site visitors with inside the hobby of public safety. Turkey`s Covid regulations had been reviewed and up to date during the pandemic.

This article seems at modern-day Turkey access regulations, explaining:

  1. Who can input Turkey below the modern-day rules
  2. Entry regulations for travelers for the duration of COVID-19
  3. Whether your Turkish Visa continues to be legitimate below the regulations

NOTE:All site visitors need to take a look at the Turkey COVID-19 access necessities earlier than making plans their ride to the country.

Can I travel to Turkey?

Is Turkey open to tourists?

 Yes, Turkey is open to tourism.

  1. Travelers of all nationalities who meet Turkey’s immigration rules can enter the country in accordance with the following rules.
  2. As always, foreigners need a passport and a valid visa or a copy of an approved online electronic visa to travel to Turkey.
  3. Visitors should check for the latest blockade updates and travel advice. Travel restrictions for Turkish tourists are constantly being reviewed as  international affairs develop.

Who is not allowed to travel to Turkey due to the corona virus pandemic?

  1. The Turkish government does not prohibit any nationalities from entering Turkey based on citizenship.
  2. However, it does place restrictions on who may come into the country based on the departure point.
  3. Entry from certain high-risk countries is prohibited. Visitors should check the current list of travel bans.
  4. Most other foreign tourists can travel to Turkey without a visa or with an electronic visa if the requirements are met.

 Special COVID19 entry requirements in Turkey

 There are additional steps to protect the health of Turkish residents and tourists. To enter the country, foreign visitors must comply with the following special corona virus rules:

 Please fill out the Traveler Entry Form before arrival

  1. All arriving passengers over the age of 6 must complete the Traveler Entry Form at least 4 days before arriving in Turkey.
  2. Children under the age of 6 are exempt.  The purpose of the form is to contact anyone who has later come into contact with a person who  tested positive for COVID 19.
  3. Visitors are required to provide contact information and the address of the accommodation  in Turkey. The “Turkey Entry Form” must be completed online and will take a few minutes.
  4. All passengers must re-present before boarding and upon arrival on flights to Turkey. Please note that passing through Adana is not possible  until further notice.

Turkey Negative COVID19 Test Requirements

Passengers over the age of 12 must have a negative COVID 19 test document  to enter Turkey. Either:

  1.  PCR test performed in the last 72 hours
  2.  Rapid antigen test performed in the last 48 hours

 Patients who have been fully vaccinated and have recovered  are exempt if they can present the following:

  1. The vaccination certificate indicates that the last dose was given at least 14 days before arrival.
  2.  Medical certificate certifying recovery from 28 days to 6 months before departure

Rules of entry into Turkey from high-risk countries

  1.  Passengers who have been to certain high-risk countries in the last 14 days must present a negative PCR test performed 72 hours prior to arrival.  
  2. If you have not been vaccinated, you will be required to self-quarantine at your designated hotel for up to 10 days at your own expense. Children under the age of 12  are excluded.

 Turkish Quarantine Regulations

  1.  Travelers arriving from countries considered high-risk countries or those who have stayed in high-risk countries in the last 14 days are required to self-quarantine in Turkey.
  2.  Quarantine will take place at a shelter designated by the Turkish government.

 Other entry requirements for entry into Turkey

  1.  Upon arrival in Turkey, passengers and  crew will undergo a brief medical examination, including a temperature check. Those who have no symptoms can continue their journey.
  2. The visitors who test positive for the coronavirus will be treated at a medical facility designated by the Turkish authorities or at a private medical facility selected by the traveler.

Enter Turkey via ISTANBUL Airport

  1.  Immigration restrictions in Istanbul are the same as in other countries.
  2.   Istanbul Airport is the main destination for most foreign arrivals, so we have taken some steps against COVID 19.
  3.  Istanbul Airport has a test center that offers 24-hour service. Passengers can perform PCR, antibody and antigen tests at the airport.  
  4. Everyone  at the airport, including the terminal area, must wear a mask.
  5.  Travelers should expect a temperature screen at the entrance to the terminal.
  6.  All areas of Istanbul Airport are regularly cleaned and disinfected.

 What security measures does Turkey have to protect the public?

  1. In addition to COVID19 travel restrictions, the Turkish government has taken a number of public security measures to protect its population.
  2.  The government screens people applying for visas through electronic visas and police background checks to prevent passengers who threaten the general public from entering the country.
  3.  However, this does not affect travelers with a low criminal record and is intended to limit the risk of terrorist activity and  violent or dangerous criminal activity.