10 Important Tips for Traveling To Turkey

10 Important Tips for Traveling To Turkey

 Turkey is a fascinating destination with a culture of friendly people. It is a destination with a lot of history, beautiful scenery, and many adventures for travelers. Turkey is a safe place to visit if you use common sense and take  precautions just like you do at home. Understanding the culture of a country is essential to enjoying your trip and connecting with the people of that country.

Turkey has open arms to welcome foreign tourists, but Turkey has its own rules and regulations. Therefore, apply for a Turkish visa online before entering Turkey. Recommended for female travelers visiting Turkey.

  1. More formal attire

 Turks on the Istanbul and  Mediterranean coasts are accustomed to  Western or European clothing. Dresses in the east of the country are more modest and formal than in the west. When traveling there, it is advisable to cover your shoulders and knees, wear a high neckline (no cleavage), and avoid clear or tight clothing. You gain respect by treating others with respect. Female travelers do not need to cover their hair unless they visit the mosque. Knee-length capri pants, loose jeans, and loose yoga pants are perfect. It’s also a great opportunity to shop locally. Go to a famous store to see what local women are wearing and get some items. This will help you blend in and present a unique souvenir from your vacation in Turkey.

2. Mosque Etiquette: Time to Shake the Hijab

 When visiting the mosque, you need to hide your hair, shoulders and knees and take off your shoes. Both the long skirt and the loose knee-length capri pants look fantastic. You don’t have to worry about walking around barefoot. The floor is covered. Visiting Turkey’s dramatic and magnificent mosques is a great opportunity to buy a huge shawl at the Grand Bazaar. Or you can take your favorites home

3. Carry yourself like a local

 You can be a sociable companion at home, who loves parties and people and hugs everyone, even strangers. When visiting Turkey, it is advisable to tone it down to make it look more socially modest. Avoid hugging strangers or smiling at men on the street, and only shake hands when they start shaking hands. In Turkey, openness is a traditional indicator of sexual desire and flirting. Therefore, a hug or seemingly harmless arm touch can be misunderstood. I’m not advising you to be anything other than you. Instead, I challenge you to be your own, more reserved version. This helps to avoid unnecessary attention while  respecting  people.

4. Meet the locals: the ultimate icebreaker

 Meeting a group that you naturally identify  before leaving home is a great approach to meeting like locals and foreigners. If you want to enjoy photography, search the internet for local photo clubs and organizations. If you enjoy cooking, look  for a local cooking class or group. Many of these groups have monthly activities and can be a great addition to your calendar. They can also help with on-site information, suggestions, people who meet for coffee, and invitations to dinner with people you have already researched and built trust. When meeting locals, you can go home and chat about family and friends, or ask about your family  to fill cultural gaps. All cultures have similar themes. It’s a love for  family and friends. Have some photos of your loved ones ready or put them somewhere convenient. It’s a great conversation starter, and before you know it, you’ll share family memories  with a salesperson or  student you met at a nearby coffee shop in a cup of mint tea.

5. Home etiquette

 Visiting Turkish friends and family can be a wonderful cultural experience. Turks like to entertain and organize dinner parties. Bring a small gift. Homemade cookies from  local bakeries are usually welcome. Don’t forget to bring your hunger. There are multiple courses and your host will want to make sure you are well nourished. To thank the chef at the end of the meal, say elinizes aglik, which means “health of your hands”. It’s a way to express how much you enjoyed your dinner. No shoes are allowed in the apartment, so you can wear slippers. If you arrive before lunch, help prepare your meal with the women in the kitchen. This is a great opportunity to meet new people and learn about Turkish cuisine.

6. Toilet paper is traveler’s money

 When traveling in Turkey, oil may not look golden, but toilet paper looks golden. Toilet paper is becoming more and more available, but don’t assume it’s everywhere. Mastering the installation of small hoses is a skill. Most tourist destinations have toilet paper. However, whether or not it is in stock is another matter. Always bring a small roll of toilet paper.

7. Get a hotel business card

 When traveling to  a new city or town, it can be difficult to send an address or location. Get a business card from the hotel or write down your name, address and phone number. This is useful if the taxi driver gets lost and cannot find the hotel, or if he needs directions back to the property. Also,  keep in mind that if you are near famous landmarks, they can be valuable reference points.

8. Learn some Turkish words

 Some Turkish words are usually greeted with a smile and an invitation to coffee. The Turks are incredibly proud of their country and their language. Learning simple words such as “hello”, “goodbye”, and “thank you” will help you connect with the locals, promote smooth interaction, and negotiate low prices at the Grand Bazaar. selam (hello) teşekkür, ederim (thank you), andanderiyigünler (goodbye or have a nice day) are  useful expressions when starting a conversation with the locals.

9. Hammam timing

 A trip to Turkey can only be completed by stopping at one of the country’s famous Hammams. Spending hours at these hammams, many dating back hundreds of years, is a peaceful, rejuvenating and culturally fascinating experience. More Hammams offer unisex expertise, but be sure to check the time before you go. Men are the only time of the day, while women are the only time of the day.

10. Pack your adventurous spirit, humor, and smiles

 Experiencing Turkey is an adventure, just like visiting a new place. Having a good sense of humor, a flexible and compassionate smile will make your experience more enjoyable. Most of the people you meet really want you to enjoy your trip in their country and will generally not get in the way of them to help you. Travel with the idea that you will meet interesting people and have a great experience, and it will almost certainly do so. Therefore, without wasting a second,  apply for a Turkish e-Visa online first and book your individual or group trip now.