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What is a Ukraine Visa?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has introduced an electronic visa (e-Visa) system in April , 2018. Ukraine  eVisas are issued by  as single entry Tourist or Business Visas and are valid for up to 30 days after arrival.

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We provide a Quick, Easy and Secure process to obtaining your Ukraine e-Visa with concierge services. Our advisers check your Ukraine Application before submission on multiple occasions to ensure no error has been committed for authorization.

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Our secure online system, with just 3 simple steps: Fill Application, Pay Online and Get e-Visa authorization sent via email- all required before you can safely travel to Ukraine.


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We do more than just process your VISA application with efficiency and accuracy. An eVisa travel concierge will manage the entire process from start to finish, providing the expertise necessary to ensure your request is approved as quickly as possible.


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We provide three levels of concierge service and delivery time frames for you to choose from based upon your travel needs.  Each level provides you the service level response you need for your trip schedule.  Choose the level based upon the delivery time frames needed.


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Complete application online in less than 5 minutes.  Our expert advisers check your visa application before submission to ensure 100% accuracy.  Your credit card info will never be exposed to any government websites and is encrypted at submission.


Our travel visa application service is simple to use, hassle free with a focus on accuracy at submitter. Our expert advisers check your visa application before submission to ensure 100% accuracy. If we see an error or have a question, our follow-up team will contact you 24/7 via email throughout the application process.

eVisa provides 3 levels of processing: Premier, Elite, and World Concierge and our processing service includes weekends & national holidays to suit your travel needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Ukraine Visa

Can my visa be extended?

Ukraine’s visas cannot be extended. Foreigners / stateless persons staying in Ukraine upon their visas may apply for the extension of their stay while in Ukraine through Ukraine’s State Migration Service local offices.

Please see Ukraine’s State Migration Service website for more information on the procedure.

If I travel with a child, should I fill in a separate form for the child?

Yes. Each applicant has to submit a separate set of documentation along with the application form.

How do I access the e-Visa?

Our team will email the e-Visa confirmation. You can always use our 24×7 email support if you have any queries.

I am a regular visitor to Ukraine. Will I have to provide with all documentation each time I apply?

Yes. Every time you apply for a visa to Ukraine you must supply with the recent supplementary documentation.

If my child travels to Ukraine unaccompanied by both parents or accompanied by only one of them, what additional documents should I submit for the child?

In this situation, an authorization for Ukrainian visa issuance for minors signed by both parents, or legal guardians, at a public notary is required (in case of legal guardians, proof of guardianship needs to be presented).

If both parents, or legal guardians, are traveling with the minor, an authorization for Ukrainian visa issuance for minors is not necessary. In general, all applicants under 18 years old need to present the original birth certificate or its notarized copy (copies presented without the original must be legalized by MFA/FAO).

Should I buy my medical insurance before my visa is issued?

Yes. You must show proof of a valid medical travel insurance for the entire period of intended stay in Ukraine or the first trip (in case of multiple entry visa).

What documents do I need to present upon arrival at Ukraine?

You will need to show the following documentation:

        • Proof of Insurance
        • Proof of sufficient funds to cover your cost of stay
        • Itinerary
        • Accommodation Information
        • Your valid passport
        • Your printed e-Visa

Does the e-Visa guarantee me entry into Ukraine?

A visa (e-Visa or otherwise) only grants you permission to travel to an entry point (airport).

The final decision on granting entry will be at the discretion of the Immigration Officer at the point of entry.

What is an Ukrainian travel eVisa?

It is a document of varying formats that allows citizens of India to enter the Republic of Ukraine for a stipulated number of days.

How long can I stay in Ukraine with an e-Visa?

The maximum stay allowed is 30 days Per Entry.

What nationalities can apply for the Ukraine tourist e-Visa?

The following nationalities are eligible:

Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
Marshall Islands
New Zealand
Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Saudi Arabia
Solomon Islands

If I made any mistake on my application. Can I modify the e-Visa after it’s issued?

No, we can not change or modify any details on the e-Visa once it’s issued. If you do, however, realize you made a mistake before your visa has been issued, then please contact us ASAP via online chat or by sending an email to .

What is the refund policy?

We do offer refunds, the Terms and Conditions which are made available on this website explain in detail the refund policy. Please check the details in full by clicking the following link

How long should my passport be valid for if I want to apply for a Ukraine Tourist e-Visa?

Applicant’s passport should have at least 6-months validity from the time of entry into Ukraine and at least one blank page.

What is an Ukrainian Tourist e-Visa?

Ukrainian Tourist e-Visa is the official travel document needed by foreigners for tourist purposes to visit Ukraine.

Can I enter Ukraine with a valid Schengen Visa?

No, you cannot enter Ukraine even though you possess a valid Schengen Visa.

What kind of entry is my Ukrainian visa?

Short term Ukrainian visas are issued as single / double / multiple entry visas valid for 6 months or another period depending on supporting documents but cannot be issued for more than a 5 year-term

If I am a regular visitor to Ukraine, will I have to provide with all documentation each time I apply?

Yes. Every time you apply for a Ukrainian visa, you must supply the recent supplementary documentation.

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Our secure online system, with just 3 simple steps: Fill Application, Pay Online and Get e-Visa authorization via email.

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We will set up appointment with govt consulate, applicant’s can come to submit an application & collect a Passport & the Visa.

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