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What is a Suriname Visa?

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Suriname has recently introduced the Suriname E-Tourist Card. This E-Tourist Card allows travelers to enter the country for tourist purposes only and it enables them to stay in Suriname for up to 90 days Per Entry.

ETA Visa

We provide a Quick, Easy and Secure process to obtaining your Suriname e-Visa with concierge services. Our advisers check your Suriname Application before submission on multiple occasions to ensure no error has been committed for authorization.

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Our secure online system, with just 3 simple steps: Fill Application, Pay Online and Get e-Visa authorization sent via email- all required before you can safely travel to Suriname.


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Premier Concierge Fee:  $25

Visa fee includes the Government fee and the Premier Concierge fee. (Premier Processing)


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We do more than just process your VISA application with efficiency and accuracy. An eVisa travel concierge will manage the entire process from start to finish, providing the expertise necessary to ensure your request is approved as quickly as possible.


Concierge Service Levels

We provide three levels of concierge service and delivery time frames for you to choose from based upon your travel needs.  Each level provides you the service level response you need for your trip schedule.  Choose the level based upon the delivery time frames needed.


Quick & Secure Process

Complete application online in less than 5 minutes.  Our expert advisers check your visa application before submission to ensure 100% accuracy.  Your credit card info will never be exposed to any government websites and is encrypted at submission.


Our travel visa application service is simple to use, hassle free with a focus on accuracy at submitter. Our expert advisers check your visa application before submission to ensure 100% accuracy. If we see an error or have a question, our follow-up team will contact you 24/7 via email throughout the application process.

eVisa provides 3 levels of processing: Premier, Elite, and World Concierge and our processing service includes weekends & national holidays to suit your travel needs.

Traveling to Suriname…

Currency Exchange Rate
New York
5:44am8:20pm EDT
Feels like: 28°C
Wind: 8km/h N
Humidity: 39%
Pressure: 1018.63mbar
UV index: 6

Frequently Asked Questions about Suriname Visa

Visa on arrival is valid for how many months?

If you opt for a visa on arrival, you can stay in the country of Suriname for a maximum of 2 months.

I made a family e-visa or e-tourist card application. All the e-visa or e-tourist card applications were approved, except for mine. What should my family do?

Although it is possible to apply as a family, each application is analyzed separately. If your e-visa or e-tourist card was denied, you can reapply for another e-visa or e- tourist card (but the rest of your family can travel).

How do I access the Suriname e-Visa?

Our team will email the e-Visa confirmation. You can always use our 24×7 email support if you have any queries.

I am not married, but my child carries her father's name. Do I need his permission to travel with the child?

No, if you can prove that you have “sole” custody of the child. With an official document supporting this, you may apply for a visa without the father’s permission.

I am a single father and intend to travel with my under-aged children. They live with me. Can I apply for a visa for them?

Only if you legally have sole custody of the children. In any other case, you will need the permission of their mother.

I am a single mother and intend to travel with my under-aged children, who carry my family name. Do I have to submit a document from the registry office?

Yes, you need to prove through an official document that you were never married and that you legally have sole custody of the children.

If my e-visa application is rejected, can I apply again?

My spouse is in Suriname and has a Surinamese passport. She, therefore, cannot permit the visa for the children to travel with me to Suriname?

If you can prove that you have officially have joined custody, you do not need her permission for a visa.

My passport is 2 days short of the required validity of 6 months on arrival in Suriname and I have to travel due to an emergency. Can I obtain a visa?

No, your passport has to be valid at least (minimum) 6 months on arrival. You may travel on an emergency passport with a validity of 6 months.

My daughter (not of Surinamese origin) has traveled to Suriname for an internship and did not know that she had to apply for an authorization for temporary stay. What can she do to extend her stay in Suriname?

Her stay cannot be extended. This means that she has to leave Suriname within 90 days.

Do children or infants need a Suriname visa?

Yes. All applicants, including children and infants, must have a visa to enter Suriname.

Can someone apply two (2) tourist cards for 2 successive journey's in a short period?

No that is prohibited. You can only apply for one card per person per journey.

I was requested to provide additional documents, will my family application be on pause until I provide the additional documents?

Yes, the applications will be on pause until additional documents are provided.

Do Caricom nationals need a visa to enter Suriname?

Nationals from Caricom countries may stay in Suriname for 6 months without a visa.

Are the visa fees the same for infant, minor and adult?

Yes, the e-visa fee is the same for infants, minors, and adults.

I am 60+ of Surinamese origin, can my spouse also obtain a visa on arrival in Suriname?

Yes, if legally married. In that case, you may also stay in Suriname for a maximum of 6 months. No. if you are not married by law. In that case, your partner may stay in Suriname for a maximum of 90 days.

I am divorced and want to travel with my under-aged child, but the father is not to be found to permit the visa application?

If you are not the parent with “sole” custody of the child, you will have to request the court of justice to grant “permission in absence of the father”. If you have joint custody, you may present an official document stating such and apply for the visa on your own.

How do I apply for a Sri Lankan ETA visa?

You can get your Sri Lanka ETA visa by applying it on with details of your passport.

Do I need to enter Sri Lanka on the exact dates mentioned on the e-Visa application form?

No. The validity period of your Sri Lanka ETA Visa begins from the date specified in your e-Visa. You can enter Sri Lanka on any date within this validity period.

How much does an e-Visa cost?

The ETA Visa Embassy standard rate ranges from between 20USD to 99USD depending on the country of origin (nationality) of the applicant. This website charges a listed fee in addition to the standard visa rate, this is to cover the support provision in place. Please refer to the listed fees to identify additional support services provided. The fee indicated above is for one applicant only, for family or group multiple applications you have to calculate the fee accordingly.

What is the refund policy?

We do offer refunds, the Terms and Conditions which are made available on this website explain in detail the refund policy. Please check the details in full by clicking the following link

What happens if I can't locate the email with my Sri Lanka tourist visa confirmation?

Upon successful application you would have received the e-Visa confirmation via the given email account. If you haven’t received it, please check your spam folder.

Still having trouble locating your Travel Visa confirmation mail? please check the email id you provided during the application process.

You can always contact our 24×7 support team to obtain an additional copy of your e-Visa confirmation upon request and provision of valid email id by providing a valid identification from your side.

What is the time duration to get my Sri Lanka ETA visa?

In general, your Sri Lanka eVisa will be processed within two working days. After you submit the details eVisa will be passed on to visa bureau agent, who will work on processing your visa application.

Processing time might be delayed or extended when:

  • If you have submitted any incorrect information
  • If you have any criminal records

What if my Sri Lanka eVisa gets rejected?

If your ETA gets rejected it will be referred to nearest Sri Lankan mission and they can assist you further.

Our Services

We provide assistance with an aim to reduce your time spent and minimise difficulties experienced with online and offline Visa application processes, which will be in turn verified by our advisory team to avoid any decline of approval.

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Our secure online system, with just 3 simple steps: Fill Application, Pay Online and Get e-Visa authorization via email.

Visa on Arrival

Fast Application Process, No standing in line at consulates & embassies.Present your Passport we provide at destination airport.

Paper Visa (Courier)

You need to send passport via courier, then we print your Visa application & process your visa application in consulate.

Paper Visa (In Person)

We will set up appointment with govt consulate, applicant’s can come to submit an application & collect a Passport & the Visa.

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