Srilanka Tourist Visa Guide – A Paradise For Food Lovers

Srilanka Tourist Visa Guide – A Paradise For Food Lovers

Srilanka Tourism – A Paradise For Food Lovers

Srilanka is a charming hill station in South India, which attracts thousands of tourists all through the year. There are many tourist attractions in Srilanka, some of them being Lumbini Hill Station, Manali Mountain, Ramagonti Lake, etc. To enjoy the tourist attraction in Srilanka one has to travel to various destinations in the state. Some of the most popular destinations that are worth visiting and exploring on your Srilanka Tour are mentioned below:

Lumbini Hill Station: This is located at the foot of mighty Himalayas at the southern tip of the country. The name of the place was derived from Lord Indra who was the king of Gods. He had made this mountain beautiful because of his great love for the beautiful princess called “Lumi” who lived in the area. Legend has it that once when Lumi left to marry her husband, her beloved dog came to see her and wanted to accompany her to the mountain but her father and the king told him to stay away from the spot.

Manali Peak: This is another enchanting tourist spot in the region. It is located in the Zanskar Range of Kashmir State. It is considered to be the world’s third highest mountain. There are plenty of attractions in and around Manali.

Ramagonti Lake: It is located at the lower end of Dharamshala. It offers some of the best sightseeing spots in the state. There are lots of hotels in the area which provides all the facilities required by visitors. The Dharamshala railway station is also good. There are many resorts in the region where you can spend some time in tranquility.

Devi Ahilya Temple: This is a small but a sacred temple located at a distance of 3.5 km from the town of Srilanka. This temple is dedicated to the Lord Devi Ahilya who was born in Kerala. The lord’s image is kept on the walls of the temple, which attracts lots of tourists. The temple has been built in memory of the lord by the local residents and the temple priests.

Milu Hill Station: This hill station is well connected to most of the major cities of the world. Many of the tourists from all over India visit this place. A spectacular beauty of Milu Hill Station is that the entire region is surrounded by a high ridge. You can see a lot of birds and wild animals. Dense forest of Acacia and other plants also add to the richness of this hill station.

Kumarakom Lake: It is a residential and commercial destination catering to the needs of the tourists with various budget choices. It is one of the most popular holiday destinations for the honeymooners and newly wed couples. The lake has an ideal location for a beach and a golf course. As far as the accommodation facilities are concerned, there are numerous options in the hotels in Kumarakom. The restaurants provide cuisines of local and national taste.

Srilanka Tour Packages: These are basically tailor made tours which are especially planned for the tourists. They cover all the aspects that are important to the tourist and help them enjoy their stay at Srilanka. These packages are usually budget based and cover sightseeing, excursions etc. The prices range from four hundred dollars to eight hundred dollars.

Shopping in Srilanka: There are several places where you can buy jewellery, accessories, electronic devices, bags and other consumables. Apart from that, there are many markets where you can buy local produce. The fruit and vegetables are fresh and the rice is also of good quality. Shopping in Srilanka is worth trying. The markets have a variety of items like textiles, garments, potteries, furniture and much more. It is one of the best shopping destinations in South India.

Restaurants: Srilanka restaurants have a wide variety of cuisines to offer including Chinese, Continental, Indian, Japanese, Mexican, Thai, Italian and many other cuisines. Some of the popular restaurants are: Kettuwali Palace, Parambikulam, Moti Mahal and many others. There are several eateries which are known for their excellent food and excellent service. Some of them are: Nandimukhi, Parambikulam, Anjeneyar, Sathyam and many more. All these restaurants provide excellent service.

Tourists can enjoy all these things and many more in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Well organized bus services ply between the major cities of India. It helps the tourists reach their destinations conveniently and quickly. These hill stations are sure to enchant the hearts of vacationers.

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