Sri Lanka Visa: Requirements and Important Tips

Sri Lanka Visa: Requirements and Important Tips

What are the Requirements and Important Tips?

Are you planning to visit Sri Lanka? Have you already made your mind to visit this country but are not sure where to start your research? You can begin your search at the Sri Lanka tourism website which has categorized all the important visa and travel documents required for your convenience. The list includes all the relevant information regarding the application of the visa, the procedure to be followed, the eligibility criteria and the format of the application. In this article, I have provided some Sri Lankan visa online options which you might find useful.

Student Examiners (SE) form an important part of the processing of visas. A student examiner is a foreign national who has passed the exam for studying in a Sri Lankan University or any other recognized educational institute. These examiners must be sponsored by the Sri Lanka government and they are issued with a visa once the exam results are out. In order to apply for a tourist visa, the examiner must present a copy of their SE qualification card along with their passport proving that they are qualified. However, the criteria for issuing the tourist visa is very strict and for every eligible candidate there are several applicants waiting in line.

Once the examiners have been approved for a visa, they have to submit an application for the issuance of a Sri Lanka tourist visa. This process is usually done through the DVLA (Dovalaya Administration). In order to ensure that the processing of the application for a Sri Lanka tourist visa is completed in a timely manner, the DVLA assigns an Examination Certificate to each examiner after the completion of the exam. It is not compulsory for tourists to appear in these exams but it is highly recommended that they do so in order to obtain more time to obtain their visa.

Once you have received your certificate, you have to visit the DVLA office and fill out the Application Form. This form is to be filled up according to the stipulated procedures. When you submit your application form, it is strongly advised that you get in touch with a consultant in the related field in order to know about the entire procedure in detail. The consultant can tell you which documents you need to send in along with your application form.

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Once your application form has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation from the DVLA office. This confirmation will state whether or not your visa will be approved. It is advisable that you read through this document carefully before you submit your application. This form must be submitted with your passport in order to avoid any kind of problems. The form must also include your name, contact details, date of birth, passport numbers, entries or exits, employment history, qualifications and other such relevant information.

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After receiving the confirmation, your application will be sent back to the DVLA office. At this stage, the officers will verify all the required information regarding your application. Only after verifying everything, your application will be given approval and you will be required to return to the DVLA office to collect your visa. You must be ready with all the necessary documents such as your passport and visa.

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After collecting your visa, you will be required to submit another application for proof of identity. You must submit an identity proof form accompanied by a copy of the photo. These two procedures will ensure your visa is approved. You may also want to obtain the necessary visa beforehand or you may want to apply online.

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It is not difficult to get a visa when in Sri Lanka. However, there are some processes you must follow. First, you must go through the visa procedure. Next, you must select a suitable method to apply for a visa. Finally, you must submit your application and prove that you have all the required documents to make your visa approved.

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