How To Get Turkish Electronic Visa or e-Visa Online?

How To Get Turkish Electronic Visa or e-Visa Online?

Turkish Electronic Visa or e-Visa application steps

First things first, let us assume the user either carries an ordinary passport or an identity card. If he/she is not sure about their passport type, here they can get an idea on the difference between an official and an ordinary passport.

There are nine unique and simple steps to complete. Always make sure that you have the necessary documents and a valid credit card to complete the process.

Step 1 – Open up any of your preferred browser and then go to

The above website is available in multiple languages.

Step 2 – Click on Turkey e-Visa ‘Apply now’ button on the upper right corner. Now select the appropriate country and the passport or equivalent identity card (of the chosen country) which you will be using. Also to prove you’re human type the displayed captcha. Then click on ‘Save and Continue’

Step 3 – Enter your date of arrival. At this step, you will get quite a bit of important information: how long your visa will be valid, where you can enter the country once or multiple times during this period, how much it will cost you, and how you will pay for it (see arrows). Press ‘Save and Continue’ to proceed or simply close your browser if you don’t like what you see.

Step 4 – Enter your personal data. All fields are obligatory, but for some countries mother’s and father’s name fields are optional. I strongly urge you to use the date pickers to enter the respective dates. This way you’re sure you use the correct format (if not you need to redo it). Also, disregard white spaces or special characters (like – ) if they are used in your passport or identity card number. Press the button at the bottom to continue.

Step 5 – Once you see this screen, all data has been accepted and you are good to go. You have one last chance to review the information you provided. Take your time to check it all. A small mistake may cause big problems at the border! Click ‘Edit’ if you need to change something, ‘Verify’ to submit and continue.

Step 6 – At this point, your application has been submitted, and an email has been sent to you to verify whether it is really you who applied. Check your email immediately. If you didn’t receive anything within a minute, check your spam folder because that’s where mine ended up. If that’s the case, make sure to tell your email service that mails sent from this sender are not spam, because you will get one more down the road.

Click on the approve button to verify your email address. If you can’t see the button, make sure you tell your email service to show all images for this email.

Step 7 – After clicking the verify email button, you’ll be taken to the payment page. Enter the necessary information, and proceed by clicking ‘Make Payment’.

Step 8 – Once your payment has been approved, you’ll get a notification that your e-Visa has been sent to you. This is not true. You just received an email with a button to download it. Don’t bother waiting for it, and download the visa (in pdf format) right from the current page. Make sure you know where you save it because you will need to print it out. In case you fail to download it, no worries, you can always download it again via the link provided to you by email.

If this is a business trip and you need an invoice, first download the actual visa, then press the invoice button.

Step 9 – The final step: open the saved/downloaded pdf document and print it. In my experience, it doesn’t matter whether it’s in color or just black and white. But make very sure you take it with you, and keep it on you together with your passport or identity card (whatever you chose while applying) during your stay.

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