How Many Days Can I Stay in Turkey?

How Many Days Can I Stay in Turkey?

Turkish Tourist Visa

Two types of Turkish Tourist Visa Online can be applied. They are:

1) Entry visa (single entry, multiple entry and entry with special annotations)

2) Transit visa (single and double transit)

– A single entry visa is valid for a period of one year and allows its owner, depending on two factors the nationality and passport type, to stay up to three months in Turkey and to visit Turkey only one time.

Multiple entry visa is valid for a period of five years and allows its owner to make multiple visits and, depending on two factors the nationality and passport type. This type of visa helps the owner to stay one to three months each time he/she enters into Turkey.

Transit visa is valid for a period of three months and this will allow an applicant to travel from one country to another through transiting the Turkish territory.

If an applicant doesn’t use a connecting flight to the third country then no visa is allocated. In other words, Turkey embassy does not issue Airport Transit Visa (ATV).

The passengers of cruise ships are allowed to enter and stay overnight in the port cities of Turkey upon the permission given by local border police authorities. For these passengers it is not mandatory to obtain an entry visa to Turkey.

Other information:

Residence Permits:

An entry visa enables the visitor to stay in Turkey for a maximum duration which is as stated on the visa sticker.

However, if the person intends or is obliged to stay in Turkey longer than the permitted duration, this extension is subject to the approval of the Ministry of Interior. In this case, the person has to obtain a residence permit.

Once the person is granted with the residence permit, he/she can enter into Turkey multiple times as long as his/her residence permit is valid and thus he/she does not need a visa for entry into Turkey. If the extension of the residence permit is required, the extension or renewal should be made timely before the expiry date. The person is recommended to have the validity of the residence permit extended before leaving Turkey, if the validity of residence permit is to expire or has already expired.

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