Armenia Tourism Attractions

Armenia Tourism Attractions

Best Armenia Tourism Attractions:

Armenia Tourism attractions are many, with plenty of fascinating history and architecture to be explored. A visit to this ancient country is a great excuse to see its many wonders, including the 2nd largest town of Gana, where there are an Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral and the Museum of Religious artifacts, both of which contain important frescoes. A visit to Khorassan is also recommended, as this city contains the world’s oldest university – the Hrantkes College. Other notable sites include the Hristos Cathedral Basilica. The region is also known for the great art traditions of its people, who produce carpets and ceramics, pottery, leather works, glass and mosaics. The region also boasts a large quantity of fish, which are commercially caught off beaches and other bodies of water, including the Sea of Marmara.

Tourist destinations in Armenia:

Tourist destinations in Armenia Tourism attractions also include the village of Yepoy, which was an important cultural center for generations. Known for its underground passages, b.l.d. mines, and other archeological discoveries, the village provided a fascinating glimpse into the past of this long-gone society. Travelers will also enjoy the colorful, unique cuisine of this region. The village of Gagra, near Pohorje, is another popular tourist destination, offering a wide array of attractions including the famous Mount Gagra.

Are You Traveling from European countries?

For those traveling from European countries, a visit to Tblis is highly recommended. This ancient town is well preserved, particularly the second church, St. Nicholas. Located in a valley nearby, the site of St. Nicholas’ Cathedral is well worth a visit. A guided tour of the area by a licensed guide is available. Before traveling to Tblis, you should obtain a visa, as doing so can ensure that your stay in Armenia will not be denied due to insufficient documentation.

Are You traveling from the United States or Canada?

For those traveling from the United States or Canada, tours of the region may include a visit to Oktay-Khiydar, which is an ancient Hindu temple. The Temples, including the Betlemi Hut and the Dashangalehwar Temple, have a history worthy of preservation. The tents in which visitors stay at the Temples provide accommodation and dining. Food is served in a communal style, while guests listen to music, dance and praise. This is an important element of Armenia’s culture; however, it is not offered at all at the Betlemi Hut.

The most popular attraction in Armenia is of course the three-storied Betlemi Mosque. Although the main prayer takes place in Arabic, the building itself looks more like a European cathedrals. The minarets are intricately carved and the structure itself is impressive. In addition to the mosques, the b.l.d. or candle lanterns are the second-best-known art form in Armenia.

A must-visit for many tourists is the City Center, also known as the Old Town. There are many places of interest within walking distance, such as the old villages, the fortress and the Basilica de San Juan. The many churches also add to the cultural and historical value of this area.

The third-busiest city in Armenia is Karmel. Known as “The City of Lakes”, the majority of its citizens live in gated compounds surrounding a lake. Tourists love this quaint atmosphere and enjoy many outdoor activities such as fishing, boating, water skiing and even walking among the many canals. There are several parks in Karmel as well. The b.l.d. of these parks is very popular among tourists.

What are the mazing things to do and see in Armenia?

As you can see, there are many amazing things to do and see in Armenia. Many of these destinations are also frequented by international tourists. The neighboring countries of Paphos and Famagusta along with the ancient Troodas Mountains provide for excellent opportunities for hiking and trekking adventures. If you are planning a vacation to Armenia, then consider staying in one of the many five-star Armenia hotels, where you will not only be pampered but will also be surrounded by beautiful sights, architecture and friendly, helpful staff. The following guide should help you plan your next trip to one of the finest Armenia attractions.

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