Applying For a Armenia Visa Online

Applying For a Armenia Visa Online

The Armenia visa online application system is now available to all legal residents of foreign countries who hold an active passport and fulfill the other necessary requirements for visa-on-arrival travel to Armenia (both the Republic of Armenia and the Russian Federation), as well as to other countries. The main benefits of the visa online program are: speedier processing of applications, easier selection of preferred visa types, and instant notifications of decisions on application. Individuals can also apply for an Armenia visa online in a convenient, secure, and private mode from any part of the world, at any time.

How to start the Armenia visa online application

To start the Armenia visa online application, choose the type of visa(s) you wish to apply for, whether it is for tourism work, or other ineligibilities. If you have no prior convictions, it is recommended that you choose the type of visa that does not require a visa interview, as this would save you the trouble of traveling to the embassy to apply for your visa. Once you have chosen the category that does not require an interview or entrance exam, click on the “submit” button. The Armenia visa system will return to show you the form that you have successfully completed.

How to complete your visa application

To complete your visa application, you will be required to complete one or more forms and submit them by email. Some of the items you need to complete are as follows: your birth certificate(s), proof of age, passport (if applicable), copy of rent payment receipts, phone numbers for five years plus the permanent address in your country of citizenship, your e-visa number, your passport photos (if applicable), and signature of the applicant. It is advised that you mail these items in plain, paper packaging so that they remain protected from potential damage. You may also hand deliver some of these items to the consular officer at the embassy in order to expedite the processing of your visa.

Which Documents Required to complete application form?

When you complete your documents, click on the “Submit” button on the page. You will then be directed to a page that displays your new Armenia visa information. In Armenia, you will need to list your employment details including the names of all parties involved in the deal. The consular officer will review your documents and will confirm that your employment is legally established in Armenia. Armenia will then electronically visa (electronic visa) approve your Armenia visa application within one business day. After it is approved, you will receive an e-visa card which you can use to gain access to the country.

How to Get an approved visa document?

Once you have obtained your Armenia visa online, you will find that it is quite easy to complete the rest of the application process. This is because the forms are completed on the website in an electronic format. This saves time and is far more convenient than printing out numerous documents which are not always easily legible. The Armenia department of micro commerce and technology has taken particular care to ensure that the entire application process is quick and painless. Even the purchase order form is scanned electronically in order to speed up the acquisition of the necessary goods.

When will receive an e visa number?

Once your Armenia visa application is filed and approved, you will receive an e visa number which you can use to apply for a passport at any embassy of your choice in the country. However, you will need to remember that obtaining a Armenia visa online does not mean that you do not need to leave the country in order to complete the process. It is highly important to remember that you cannot obtain a passport from any Armenia visa agency once your visa has been processed.

What are the three Armenia visa types?

There are three main Armenia visa types which include the single entry, multiple entry and the renewable visa types. For convenience, it is best if you know exactly what your Armenia visa type is before you begin filling out your visa application. The single entry visa types allows you to be present in the country for a specific period of time without the necessity of having your visa renewed. This visa allows you to remain in Armenia without the need of extending your stay in any way. The multiple entry visa type is designed for people who enter the country on a temporary basis for business purposes only and then must return to Armenia to re-apply for a normal visitor visa.

Places to visit in Armenia

The third type of visa, which is available through the Armenia visa office is the renewable visa. With a renewable visa you are allowed to stay in the country for a set period of 180 days each year without the requirement to apply for another visa. Renewing a Armenia visa online is easy but it is important that you remember to submit your application by the required date. Filling out and submitting an application correctly when applying for a Armenia visa will ensure that you have an easier time receiving a passport in the future.

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